I’m an avid birder, wildlife enthusiast, and professor of music. I love hiking, traveling, and generally getting outside to enjoy birds and birdsong. After returning from traveling South Africa on my first birding trip (and writing about it here), I decided to challenge myself to find a bird to write a little about each week. The challenge is to see the bird during the same week I write about it and that I can’t have written about it before. This blog follows that challenge to see how long I can keep the streak running…

I call this the WeeklyBirder Challenge and I hope you’ll join me! You can start whenever and comment on your progress. In the future, I’ll create a page where we can all track our weekly bird highlights. I’m also interested in your comments! Let me know what you think of WeeklyBirder and if there’s anything else you’d like to see added.

I live currently in Vancouver, Canada, but travel regularly for work and pleasure. I’m an experienced and highly recommended guide. Please email me at weeklybirder@gmail.com if you’re interested in a private birding tour in the Vancouver area. I’ve done guiding elsewhere too, so please feel free to inquire about travel rates.

Taking some photos outside of Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. Norman L Bleier

    I enjoy your landscapes also.

    1. Jim Palmer

      Thanks, Norman! They’re great for helping to remember the general environment. I’ll make sure to keep including them!

  2. Aki

    Love the sound tracks for Wren’s…for me very educational

    1. Jim Palmer

      Glad you liked them, Aki! The wrens can be a challenging bunch, but they’re amazing vocalists!

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